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Keep the Power on with a Whole-Home Generator

A whole-house generator from Comfortech Service Experts can minimize the stress of incoming storms, heat waves, accidents impacting electricity lines and everything else that causes the power to go out.

Whole-Home Generators Keep You Out of the Dark

We’ve all been there: a storm is wreaking havoc outside and you are trying to watch the local news to decide if you should seek shelter underground. As soon as the update starts, everything goes dark. The TV flashes off, your electricity is out, and now you’re using your flashlight to read a book or light up a board game or puzzle while you try to keep your kids calm.

But what if there was another way? Ditch the flashlights, candles and camping lanterns. Instead, what if your food didn’t spoil, your lights never went out, and access to the news wasn’t cut off?

It’s all possible with a whole-house generator. And it’s all automatic! You don’t have to fumble around in the dark to find your backup power – with a whole-home generator from Comfortech Service Experts your power will come back on within a couple seconds on its own.

How Does a Whole-Home Generator Work?

Even if you are away from home, the generator will kick on and your HVAC system will keep running to keep anyone at home, including pets, cool or warm.

Other reasons to consider investing in a whole-home generator:

  • You want access to means of communication during a storm or other emergency situation.
  • It is not legal to connect a generator to an electric system with a transfer switch.
  • Storing natural gas can be dangerous – with a home backup generator you can use your existing supply natural gas or LP fuel.
  • If you work from home and the power goes out, you may have to use your paid time off or take an unpaid day since you can’t get any work done.
  • Extension cords can be annoying and even dangerous, especially in a storm. A backup home generator from Comfortech Service Experts safely draws power from your home’s electrical panel.
  • It’s not just convenient to have continuous electricity after an electricity outage; it’s also important for health and safety. Oxygen machines, refrigerated medications and stair lifts without access to power can result in severe health or safety concerns.

Why Choose Comfortech Service Experts for Generator Installation?

When you rely on Comfortech Service Experts to complete your whole-home generator installation project, you’ll enjoy Expert service designed to offer maximum benefits from the start. We’ll make sure to recommend the perfect size of generator, which should be based on the number of utilities and/or appliances you want to provide power for. And if something breaks or needs routine maintenance, our technicians will hurry over to determine the best possible solution.

As always, everyone at Comfortech Service Experts is ready to help 24/7/365. After all, most power outages don’t occur at times that work best for you.

To find out more about whole-home generators and why you should get one for your home, call Comfortech Service Experts today at 601-852-3105.